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Aladdin Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 31-th games. The magician asks Aladdin to get a lamp from the back down. Aladdin manages to take the lamp out of the hollow in which there were toilette different kind of treasure, but does not give it to the magician, but it keeps for him, because he noticed that the lamp has magical powers. Aladdin uses the lamp containing one of the spirit with which the owner can fulfill any unravel, to become rich. Meanwhile, Aladdin Jasmine marries, the daughter of the sultan. Then the magician replaces Aladdin's magical lamp with a common one, taking advantage of Jasmine's inattention. Help Aladdin to regain possession of magic lamp by trying every game on our site. A merchant wishes to find a lamp oil and other hidden treasures of a cave. For this, turn to Aladdin, a young poor. He realizes that the lamp is worked and with the aid of the closed in the lamp ii offers you the chance to 3 desires, it becomes the rich. With time, falls for beautiful Iasmina, daughter of sultan. The merchant that he wanted magic light, a change with the usual one. However, Aladdin realizes and do not give up until it recovers possession of the old lamps. Help them on Aladdin and on Iasmina also be happy playing each game of category games with Aladdin.

Jungle Junction

Jungle Junction

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