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Alice in Wonderland games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 15-th games. Alice is the most popular figure in all the history books. It is loved both by children and adults. Guided by a bunny white, this enters a great country of miracles. Adventures in that wonderful country it spends with the well-known Hatter mad, and Grimalkin mounted Cheshire, Omida Bursucel, and many many others! Stay with them and try each game of category games with Alice! One beautiful day, warm and sunny in full, Alice was sitting outside with his sister who was reading. At one point, Alice saw a white rabbit and've in pursuit of him, until she found a hollow. There he thus into a deep well, and here passerby Wonderland. From the bottom of the well, Alice gets into a room that sees a very beautiful garden. To get there, she needed to shrink because the door was too small for her. How Alice shrinks and continues her journey,you'll find if you read the book or if you just try every game in this category which will reveal little by little the fascinating world of Alice.

The Chin to make-up

The Chin to make-up

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