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Angelo Rules games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 10-th games. Kidz must know a for 12-year-old boy Angelo, life can be daily battle for owen unusual rules. Angelo is a problem child and, with his two best friends, causes a lot of trouble in the neighborhood. There are adults, siblings, teachers and rivals telling them what to do, what not to do, what to say... Well, it's time for kids to take control and Angelo's here to show the way! He observes and then comes up with elaborate strategies to wheedle, sweet-talk, con, and work around any adversary, with the help of his friends Sherwood and Lola.

Angelo Lawrence k. is an 11 year old kid who always looking for plans that can help him get what he wants. The hero has a great deal of self-confidence, and if you can't find the perfect solution to an immediate problem, improvise. Typically, Angelo finds a way to win in the end, often with few undesirable effects which are not taken into account. But his attitude is positive: in the end, it was worth the effort.

Lola is his neighbor, a 12-year-old girl, always well arranged. Lola and Angelo are friends of a lifetime. Lola always attends to his plans, and is the only one of Angelo group who has a mobile phone, indispensable in several of the plans. It can mimic voices and can interpret a lot of roles such as Sherwood's mother, a saleswoman at the news presenter, health inspector or auto attendant.

Sherwood Forrest-Sherwood is the smartest classmate and best friend of Angelo. Sherwood concerns Angelo plans sometimes with skepticism and is often the one who identifies possible logical errors or problems. However, Sherwood has many talents with contributing to the plans of Angelo: is athletic, very inventive and knows the technology.

Peter k. is the younger brother, aged 5 years. It sit around the House like a real chimpanzee, claiming it to be the man of the cave, or a superhero. Peter is his mother's favourite, protecting it at all costs. Even when Peter behave incorrectly towards Angelo, mom always take smaller child defense.

Earl k. is Sister Marie-Jeanne, a young and trendy, but very annoying, aged 15 years. Because it is the largest of the brothers, expects others to do whatever she says is not the case. Since Angelo has always had the ability to get what he wants, Elena makes pleasure to show those around him that is too small to do so-and-so and so-and-so, and they remind parents that she was able to do a certain thing until she turned 15 years. Smile with subînțeles Elena has a special effect. It is funny how they put obstacles in his path.

Joe Momma is puss with family that no one wants to have to do. Mrs. k.-his mother is the decision of the family, a role that can sometimes be overwhelming. Mom tries continuously to keep his balance and peace between children. Far is a miracle that manages to master the situation.

Mr. k.-While her mother drive family with a iron hand, Dad is more flexible. He is childish and sometimes even reach out with Angelo in connection with the program that each wants to watch on television. Dad takes the part of Angelo and support plans, complying with the tenacity and spirit of it.

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