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Angry Birds Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 642-th games. Category contains games online with birds and pigs from the famous game Angry Birds from Rovio Mobile. The objective is to eliminate all the pigs green at the FIAC, using a sling. Players released a set of birds in order to damage buildings that are green pigs hidden. In this game the player controls some multicolored birds who try to recover their eggs stolen by a group of green pigs. Each stage of the game, pigs are housed in castles made of wood, glass or stone which strikingly resembles the children's toy blocks. Castles to aim in pigs, the player must shoot at a certain angle. Release process is fast and can be casual without visible display of the previous path. At various stages of the game, you can meet bonus items, such as cans or rocks with explosives. These bonuses can be used to ensure success in the fight against green pigs birds. After the game progresses players will unlock additional types of birds. Each of these birds are effective against certain materials, some of which paspari have special abilities that can be activated during zboruilui. The pigs also vary by their size. Pigs May micisunt easily defeated by direct hits or leftovers from the castle, falling over them. While larger pigs are able to withstand much more damage before aa be defeated. Where all pigs are eliminated after the launch of the latest birds, the level is unlocked, and where all the birds have eaten, and have more pigs alive Rams, then the level is unlocked and will not be repeated. Bonus points if you get to unlock a level you used fewer birds. To obtain an overall score as good when you can replay nevelele that you get a low score that fewer stars. There are several series of this game such as Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio ,, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars II, Go !, Angry Birds Angry Birds Epic Angry Birds Transformers Angry Birds Angry Birds Fight !, 2 version is Angry Birds Action. Returning to the games you can find in this category they can be: action, coloring, puzzle, memory, skill or arcade. Vote with confidence games that you liked and you can also share it on social networks available. A new category with the most played Online games are the clearances with the angry Bird these games in these games you will have to use his sling and strike to piglets from the boxes to proceed to the following levels, in this category you can find plenty of games with the birds Angry Birds and you will have the opportunity to entertain yourself with these games and you to spend your free time with the most funny pictures birds , in this category of the web site, our kidz-games.com, you will find the biggest collection of games with the Angry Birds, which we know for sure that you will like as you will be alert and concentrated on what you have to do. In the majority of games, you will need to destroy the army of piglets that annoys the birds. The instructions for each game you will find on each game. The rules anyway, are heavy. Come back periodically in this category, as we shall always add new games.

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