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Finding Dory games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 2-th games. Category of online games offered by Hopystein contains games main character in the animated film Finding Dory that will appear soon in cinnamic. Adorable goldfish this story begins one year after the events of the first film, Finding Nemo, Dory begins with fragmented dreams of her life before Marlin and Nemo know, related to her parents. After hearing a lecture about marine animals that use homing instinct, forgotten memories of Dory are enabled, and it will start looking for her parents. Marlin agrees reluctantly to accompany Dory adventure that awaits. The aid will jump Crush, Dory, Marlin and Nemo adventure begins to California. At one point Dory gets lost near a shipwreck. The three are forced to flee from a giant squid, Nemo was close to losing isis life. Marlin Dory blame for everything that was wrong with Nemo. Decide to look for this dangerous mission. Dory upset drifts to the surface and is captured by volunteers from the nearby Marine Life Institute. Dory is labeled and sent to quarantine station Institute, where he meets octopus Hank, who is a fugitive, bad tempered. Hank wants Dory's label, since it wants to be released back into the wild as other fish. Thus, Hank makes a deal with Dory to help her find her parents in exchange for its label them. Dory start to remember again and deduce that she was born in Section Ocean Institute and as parents they would tyrebuie to be there. Looking parents, it requires the help of her old friend Destiny, a whale shark shortsighted, and Bailey, a beluga whale who thinks he lost echolocation ability. Dory learns that all dsemeni they are transferred to Cleveland, which means they should be parents again. Meanwhile, Marlin and Dory Nemo trying to save, helped by a pair of sea lions and Carme called Fluke. Becky manages to introduce Marlin and Nemo in the Institute, with a bucket, where Dory meet and continue their adventure in the labyrinthine piping system of the Institute. When a young Dory is absorbed through the pipes of the institute, never never returned, this may indicate that he died trying. Dory enter in shock, Hank tries to evict them, Marlin and Nemo, Dory but only manages to recover. Marlin and Nemo are stuck in blue tank that is loaded on the truck that goes to Cleveland. Hank hastily Dory accidentally dropped in a gutter, leaving her alone in the ocean again. Dory aimlessly drifts through the ocean. When you see a trail of shells and remembers that her parents taught her how to follow a trail of shells to get back home. Dory follows the route and eventually meets her parents, Charlie and Jenny. Both were told that when they did not find a Dory in quarantine, they thought they escaped into the ocean, and spent the last years trails shells, in the hope that one will find Dory. Dory happy remembers suddenly you have got to save Marlin and Nemo. Destiny and the Dory Bailey a help in intercepting the truck to stop the truck by requiring sea otters to get on the highway and to distract from the traffic. Dory Destiny launches skyward with her tail and otter catch and bring the truck. Marlin and Dory Nemo manages to help her escape, but remains stuck in INCIDENTAL truck. To escape, Dory will have to convince Hank that wildlife is not so bad, and Hank agrees to help her. Together to stop the truck near a rock in the ocean appropriation and release all other species of fish inside. Team meetings, Dory, her parents, Hank, Destin and Bailey is back with Marlin and Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef to live a new life. The trying on all games in this category and vote them best.

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