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Dragon ball Super Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 2-th games. Category contains games of Goku and his pireteni cartoon series Dragon Ball. Watch Dragon Ball Super Plot: In a peaceful period following the defeat of Kid Buu, Goku continues to attempt to maintain Earth's peace despite being forced by Chi-Chi to work on their radish farm. Gohan and Videl are married, and Goten and Trunks plan to find a wedding present for them. Beerus dreams of a Super Saiyan God and upon waking begins a search for the figure, believing his dream to be prophetic. The search leads him to King Kai's planet where he outclasses Super Saiyan 3 Goku, before turning his eyes to Vegeta on Earth. Beerus enjoyed his time on Earth until he was angered by the ungenerous Majin Buu for not sharing his pudding. The Z-Fighters team up to take out Beerus but his power was too much for them. This series begins with a monkey-tailed boy named Goku and his friend who is a teenage girl named Bulma, whom he accompanies to find the seven Dragon Balls named Ball. After you gather the seven Dragon Balls will appear Shenlong, which will fulfill the desire to unite the seven balls dragon. Searches will lead the two to a bandit named Yamcha, who later becomes an ally. Pilaf is a man who wants to rule the world and looking impish dragon balls to put their wishes. Goku becomes apprentice martial arts master Kame-Sen'nin and thus begin rigorous training workouts in order Budokai Tenkaichi is participation in a martial arts tournament. A monk named Kuririn gets his training partner and rival, but became soon become best friends. After the tour, searches for Dragon Ball Goku's grandfather left him and almost single-handedly defeat the Red Ribbon Army and their hired assassin Taopaipai. After that, Goku meets his friends to defeat Uran Baba's fighters and so they locate last Dragon Ball. Their desire is to revive a friend killed by Taopaipai. Tenkaichi Budokai to three years later, Goku and his allies oppose Kame-Sen'nin his rival and his brother Taopaipai, Tsuru-Sen'nin and his students Tenshinhan and Chaozu. Kuririn was killed after the tournament and Goku is defeated by his killer, Piccolo Daimao. Samurai Yajirobe take the hermit Karin Goku, where he receives healing and a power boost. Meanwhile, fighting Piccolo Kame-Sen'nin and Chaozu, leading to their death both, and use the Dragon Balls to regain his youth before they destroy Shenlong. Goku then kill Piccolo Daimao, who just before he died, his son gives birth / reincarnation Piccolo. Karin Goku then directs the Kami-sama, the original creator of the Dragon Balls to restore and revive Shenlong his friends killed. Goku trains under Kami for the next three years, once again with his friends reuniting the Tenkaichi Budokai, where he wins narrowly against Piccolo, before leaving with Chi-Chi to keep his promise to marry her. Five years later, Goku is an adult young father and his son Gohan, when Raditz arrives on Earth, identifies Goku as his younger brother "Kakarrot" and reveals that they are members of an alien race almost extinct He called Saiyans, who sent Goku to Earth to conquer them until he suffered a severe head injury and lost all memory of his mission. Goku refuses to continue the mission, sides with Piccolo, and sacrifices his life to defeat Raditz. In the afterlife Goku trains under the North Kaio until he revived by the Dragon Balls to save the Earth from invading nappa and Vegeta. In the battle Yamcha, Chaozu, Tenshinhan and Piccolo are killed and cease to exist dragon balls. Kuririn and tyrannical Galactic Freeza learn another set of dragon balls on the planet Namek, after which Bulma, Gohan, and looking Kuririn for them to revive their friends and subsequently Dragon Ball Earth, leading to several times with minions Vegeta and Freeza's, the latter standing beside heroes to fight the Ginyu force, a team of mercenaries. Long battle with Freeza himself comes to a close when Goku transforms into a Super. A group of androids created by a former member of the Red Ribbon Army, Doctor Gero, appear three years later, seeking revenge against Goku. During this time, an evil life form called Cell, also appears and, after absorbing two of the androids to achieve its "perfect shape," holds his own fighting tournament to challenge the protagonists. After Goku sacrifices his own life to no avail, Gohan avenges his father by defeating Cell. Seven years later, Goku, revived briefly a day and its allies are drawn into a battle against Majin Boo. After numerous battles, including the destruction and re-creation of the Earth, Goku destroys Boo with a Genki-Dama (a sphere of pure energy drawn from all intelligent beings on Earth) and he wants to be reincarnated as a "good person." Ten years later, in another Tenkaichi Budokai, Goku meets human reincarnation Boo, OOB. Leaving their match unfinished, Goku departs with OOB to train him to be the new guardian of Earth. Increase in trieth to add games in his category and cute monster Hopystein distribuiele your friends. Son Goku, a boy with a monkey is found by a master of martial arts and raised by the latter. Thanks to the master, Goku becomes one of the greatest warriors in the world. It is precisely because of that the power is too high, in a battle loses control and he kills the master. Meets the Bulma, together with which goes in search for new adventures. Help the two of them to pass over all the tests and keep it on Goku always number 1 in the rankings. An expert of the martial arts he found in a day on the Son Goku and increases as his nephew. On the night of the full moon, Son Goku is transformed into a huge monkey and he kills adoptive grandfather, after which forget what has happened. In the meantime encounters with Bulma, requires the search for the 7 Dragon Ball. Son Goku choose to follow on Bulma on his journey. Along this journey Goku pass through many adventure and tests. It acquires new skills and struggle with the many villains who want to destroy it. Help Goku to be the best ninja sons and i together with in all the challenges of which has side. Remember to vote games that you like.

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