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Ed Edd And Eddy games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 16-th games. These guys living in Peach Creek and are 3 characters amusing. Usually their purpose is to make more money from the known by scams and disimulari. Of course, their daring does not remain unpunished and most of the times the characters of the deceived revenge on the three Ezi. The First Ed is the tall and dressed in a jacket green. The EDD is the one who wears a fez black on the head and a T-shirt red. The Edd or double-D as he is, is a student note 10 at school and is very intelligent. Eddy is always dressed with a yellow T-shirt and is most "smart" of all. It is a great selfish and prefer Goblin Crusher jaws in place of his friends. Come and you amuse yourself next to those three Ezi and play each game in this category

Alphabet of Madagascar

Alphabet of Madagascar

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