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Wild Kratts games


This is a free online game and part of WILD KRATTS GAMES and his was played 393 times.This is an online game has Kratts brothers foreground famous characters with their friends, the Minimax TV channel that broadcast cartoons. The aim of the game is to use your personal aptitude to develop junge the end of each level and you will be able to finish this game with high score. After Opening the main window to warn you that you will have to start the game click on the image where writes GAMES logo and not Kratts brothers. After you managed to enter the game you will choose the character you want to play. Characters to choose from are: Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Aviva, Koki, Jimmy Z, and other wild and domestic animals hidden among trees full of flowers and leaves that you will have to find them in the forest. During the game you will have to know yourself with Dabio, Donita, Gourmand, Zach, Zachbots and to get along better. Along the game you can play with a leopard, a lion and a tiger, with which you have to hunt wild birds once through the forest birds will be taken for analysis Krat brothers. The second chapter of competition is a race through the jungle with a track full of obstacles and bumps. In this course you ve compete with a leopard running at high speed, you can also attack your opponents and if you succeed. The attack refers to ordering opponent to leave the racetrack. In the third chapter of this game is all about more precise evidence in animal cotrolarea chosen. You can choose a dinosaur, dragon or even an insect that will have to go through some colored circles, jumping from tree to tree or other obstacle course that requires skill mutlta. In the fourth chapter of this game you have to go with your super hero through the woods and try to find the animals we mounted capcanule captured by poachers and try to save them in no time. In the fifth chapter of this game you will be sorely tested with your animals wild with genetic mutations. Your mission will be in the middle beasts CSA find these animals and to learn to handle them alone. The sixth chapter of this game will take place in mid-ocean and your mission will be are fishing and catch as many gold fish for dinner. Last game is very funny because one of the Kratt brothers to be disguised as a crocodile and your mission will be to scare everyone asking all who come to steal eggs from the nest crocodile.


To start the game you have to click on the image where write GAMES and not Kratts Brothers logo. Tastel that are used to play in the game menu you will.

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