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This is a free online game and part of UNSORTED GAMES and his was played 184 times.Is a free online html5 game with an alien who collect yellow stars to get as many points and experience. To start the game you do click on the PLAY button and you will go directly into the game . In the upper left corner of the game screen will display a small bar extrateresru life , distance traveled and gathered nuamrul Star . Your mission will be to travel long distances as large , and for an overall score will be how best to collect as many stars ami galebne . Free game UFO RUN will end when you hit more obstacles and have remained lifeless . Unlock all levels and have fun with UFO.


Use the mouse to lift off the ground on UFO and so you can avoid obstacles and collect as many yellow stars mia .

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The UFO RUN is a free online game was added on: by and he is a 5224-th online game on tihs onlne game website Hopystein. You can find more similar games on this category UNSORTED GAMES. After play this game got Rated 0 of 5 stars based on 0 players reviews . If you like this free game please share to you friends

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