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This is a free online game and part of UNSORTED GAMES and his was played 6950 times.Krypto is a game where you will have to choose which game you want you because you have the choice between the boy will have to quickly get to school will be the first game the second it saves Krypto Krypto as and the third is attacking all these games has amazingly beautiful so you will not have to miss any of them for the first game you have to help the little boy I would not to slip on the banana peels because then you will not get to school and will be to start the game from the start in the second game where Krypto saves as will have to dodge rocks and boulders of wires they will appear In front of you and you will have to be very careful not to you hit them because you'll lose life and in the third game you have to shoot the shot as you can to knock down all the emeralds that will appear in front of you so these games will have to help the hero Krypto dog to behave just like a real hero


To play all these games will have to use the mouse without which you can not help him Krypto on the great hero to behave like a true hero and will therefore have to be very careful when you will play these games because you have different missions

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The KRYPTO THE SUPER DOG 2 is a free online game was added on: by and he is a 9003-th online game on tihs onlne game website Hopystein. You can find more similar games on this category UNSORTED GAMES. After play this game got Rated 0 of 5 stars based on 0 players reviews . If you like this free game please share to you friends

Mechanical King Kong version

Mechanical King Kong version

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