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Posted by Hopystein in Games category | 15-th games

Gormiti Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 15-th games. Toby Tripp is the protagonist cult but also at the laziest of them all. It may become the King of the waters and to control the water in the rivers and the departments. Do you like to play football and to fool your friends. Nick Tripp is's younger brother Tob and is Gheorghe group. He is the master of the earth and can control the rocks and the rocks. The third member of the group is Lucas Wanson, Lord of the forests and can therefore control the trees and the plants. He is in love with Gina Louren, best friend of Jessica. Jessica Herleins, the only girl in the band is air Queen- She can fly and can control the winds. Other important figures are Razzle, a small dinosaur, Paula and Ike Pickney.

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