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Gravity Falls Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 11-th games. bobThis collection of free games twins Dipper and Mabel contains adventures Pines. Gemini were sent by parents, in summer, in another locality, their Uncle Stan. Uncle Stan working at the Mystery Shack. This hut is actually a scam for tourists, who for so-called short visit to a strange museum pay money. These clever twins must rely on each other to succeed to overcome unpleasant adventures during the visit in Gravity Falls, at their uncle. Dipper Pines twin brother, of Mabel Pines. It has 12 years and is considered to be too smart for his age. Mabel Pines is his twin sister Dipper. Mabel is presented cao optimist, eccentric and energetic, the Dipper often helps in solving problems through her stupidity, often seen as a burden Dipper. Stanley's uncle Dipper and Mabel. It lives and manages Cabin Museum of the Mysteries. Great Uncle Stan is more a vendor that great effort in presenting the objects on display to sell these baubles at exorbitant prices.



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