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Halloween games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 92-th games. This category of online games that have the sabatoarea Halloween theme and is offered Hopystein, cute monster toturor children who love this holiday. Before at least the start I would like to tell a few interesting things about this holiday we know as Halloween. During the Roman Empire was called Pomona Day, to the Celtic festival of Samhain organize and to Christians was celebrated as the Feast of All Saints. Halloween is a celebration taken by Irish immigrants who have emigrated to the United States. It is celebrated on the night of 31 October, and the name derives from English, the phrase All Hallows' Even, which means Feast of All Saints. The specifics of this celebration is the carved pumpkin lantern representing Jack. Halloween, children masks in werewolves, witches, mummies, pirates, hopystein, frankenstein or other characters and wander from house to house asking "Trick or Treat" this is a threat, if not give sweets, then it will be a farce. Here are some examples of games associated with Halloween parties. One of them is called dunking or apple bobbing and consists of gathering teeth from the mouth of apples floating in a bowl of water. A more complicated version of the game involves placing player kneeling on a chair with a fork between the teeth and you will have to fork let fall an apple. Another popular game is hanging by ropes of Scone sites wrapped in syrup. They must be eaten without using hands, you will inevitably end up with smearing the face with sticky liquid. Some of the most popular Halloween games played in Scotland, where your sin will look first letter name of the future husband / wife. This involves cleaning a red apple in one long cut and throwing the rind cut over his shoulder. The bark will fall in the form of letters, which will be the first letters that compose the name of the future husband / wife. If unmarried women sit in a dark room and looked in the mirror on Halloween night, will see the face of the future husband. And if they are doomed to die before the wedding, a skull will appear in the mirror. Another game based on superstition symbols milk constain writing on a white paper. The paper was folded and tucked into dry nutshell. Nutshell then was heated, and milk became brown and writing otherwise be identified on white paper. The symbols appeared on the paper were placed on a plate in a dark room. Someone enter a room and put his hand on the ice, then put on a plate and ticket remains Liptai ice. Among the symbols include: dollar sign which means wealth, the thimble for spinning button for bachelor umbrella for travel Arcanum for poverty, the key to celebrity grain of rice for the wedding, cauldron for trouble coin for wealth ring for wedding fast and four-leaf clover for luck. Ghost stories and watching horror movies are part of Halloween parties. Also around this celebration, special television broadcasts, usually children, and some horror movies are released before this event to take advantage of the atmosphere of Halloween. Traditional Halloween costumes modeled after fictional characters, fantasy, supernatural, monsters, skeletons, hopystein, ghosts, witches, Frankenstein, mummies, vampires and demons. Lately, among the most popular costumes include those of celebrities or princesses or fighters. Games in this category are diversified adventure they can be dressed characters, action or skill. Try them all and acordele how many stars you want. Who does not love Halloween? Is celebrated on the night at the turn of the 31 October and 1 November and e that holidays in which we costumam as more frightening, to drive away the evil spirits. In the category of Games Halloween you will find games with zombies, ghosts and monstruleti. Get yourself looking like an off you go after the sweets or simply have fun, in order to ensure that this holiday there is only once a year! Be sure to try all the games Halloween and have fun with the monstruleti and other characters to more interesting. Remember to vote if you enjoy games. If you like a game, click on 5 stars, and if you are not fond of clicks on a star. Halloween is for kids? perhaps the most beautiful holiday of the year. Halloween children go in groups large or small, from door to door to all acquaintances and strangers asking for sweets. If not offered lollipops, chocolates and other sweets, children make them a landowner farce. All of Halloween, it is said that spirits of the dead return to earth and therefore should get us, to scare these restless spirits. In this category we prepared games that are more or less interesting, funny, and scary horror,. Play each game and tell us your attendance.

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Pegasus the winged horse

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