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Handy Manny games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 3-th games. Some info for kidz aoboaut Handy Manny, before start to play our free online games. Manny is always happy, kind, and friendly towards everyone in Sheetrock Hills. He offers his services as a handyman and is able to fix anything. Due to this, he has an excellent reputation as a handyman and was named as "The Best Repairman in the County" in the episode "Best Repairman" and he was awarded with the "Good Citizenship Award", after unknowingly repaired his own trophy. He has feelings towards Kelly, even Manny kisses Kelly though he doesn't show it (which unaware to him, Kelly also has feelings towards him). Manny owns a repair shop and would regularly receive calls from the residents of Sheetrock Hill to repair their damaged items. Manny lives and works with a group of 8 tools, which his tools always accompany him anywhere when a repair needs to be done. He is shown to be a father type man to his tools. In his shop, he hangs photos and keeps a photo album that contains pictures of his childhood or him with his tools and family. Manny says the tool box is like an "Old friend" and the scratches and dents remind him of the jobs he did over the years. Manny is shown to be really good at playing the vihuela, a spanish guitar. In Danny Starr, it is shown that Manny can suffer stage fright when he was asked to play his vihuela on stage. But once he was encouraged, he was able to do it, gaining his self confidence.

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