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Harry and Bunnie games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 0-th games. Introducing Harry the magician, Bunnie the stage rabbit and Madam Penny, a Gypsy fortune teller. Kidz must to know that Harry the Bunny is a tv series about a 5-year-old bunny who loves to explore and learn new things. Through his play, kids are introduced to prereading skills such as counting, letter identification, and colors, as well as basic social skills and the value of self-expression. Because each episode comprises multiple three-minute stories, it's easy to limit kidz screen time and still allow them to enjoy Harry's pleasant adventures. Harry and Bunnie have a very close relationship, but yet they dislike each other sometimes. Every episode features the conflict between Harry and Bunnie in their daily life, where Harry always construct a new plan trying to get his magic wand back, while Bunnie sabotages Harry with the magic wand. The plan will eventually backfire as Penny will punish Harry on what Bunnie did as she thinks it is Harry's wrong doing. Come along and play with Harry, a curious 3 year old bunny who loves exploring fun new things. Harry invites young viewers to go on exciting adventures with him as he learns new words and concepts, and playfully teaches them too! By staying in his close environment, Harry explores things in his backyard, his bedroom and other fun places young ones can relate to. “Harry the Bunny GAMES” is an exciting new series that is sure to reach and entertain simultaneously.

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