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Harry Potter Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 4-th games. Harry Potter is a wizard very well - known in the world of books. And his parents were wizards and has inherited and he this attribute. His parents were killed by a bad wizard named Voldemort, when Harry had only one year. Voldemort is trying to kill him and the baby but fails. After the die his parents, he is increased by's aunt and uncle who do not have any magical powers. As was small, Harry did not know that he is a wizard. To 11 years he has received an invitation of study at the school of wizards and witches Hogwarts. He chose to follow this school, and there are friends with Ron and Hermione. The books show Harry's life at school of wizards , but and how to carry out each battle with Voldemort. There are 7 books, one of the most interesting than the other that you we recommend that you read them so that the reading help a lot to personal development. Be so with Harry and help him to defeat Voldemort

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The angry pigs

The angry pigs

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