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Hunter X Hunter games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 0-th games. Hunter X Hunter is starting to build up the excitement again among fans. When it was announced that the manga series will be returning this April 18, the hype started to pick up from where it left off in 2014. In less than 20 days, the wait will be over. In the meantime, TBB would like to collate the top 5 best fighters that fans named. For this list, TBB visited 3 famous fan forum sites. The first stop was the My Anime List community. This are just rough statistics from the first 5 users who confidently shared their best fighters of Hunter X Hunter manga series. Among the 5 registered users, most of them consistently chose these strong fighters: King, Netero, Chrollo, Hisoka, and Silva. Next stop is the famous fansite, Oro Jackson. Surprisingly, the result from the first top 5 users who participated in the thread gave a different result from the other site. Meruem is consistently voted the top 1. Only 1 among the 5 voted a different fighter. Gon, Netero, Pitou, and Pouf also came out in the top 5 best fighters of Hunter X Hunter. Reddit, on the other hand, doesn?t have a thread for Hunter X Hunter Best fighters. What we found in the Subreddit is the best fight, which TBB has covered already. But Otaku Kart has published an article of its favorite fighters. Let?s limit it again to the top 5. Gon Freecs comes first. He is followed by Meruem, Netero, Chrollo, and Zeno Zoldyck. There are tons of reasons why fans chose their specific best fighters. But to just cite a few, here?s what fans think of these characters: Gon Aside from the fact that he is one of the main characters, fans think that he has the potential to be the strongest of them all. His character right now is facing some so-called limitation. Perhaps, Yoshihiro Togashi will have some big reveals for his character in the upcoming chapters. Meruem He is not likable because he is the antagonist. But looking at his skills, there is no doubt he is the mightiest among the villains. Netero He might be old, but he is still able to display great strength. So far, he is considered to be the most powerful nen user. Chrollo This guy is invincible with his nen techniques and physical strength. In fact, a fan from OJ says that no one has seen the leader of ?Phantom Troupe? going all out with power. There?s so much to see from this Hunter X Hunter Fighter. Zeno Zoldyck No Zoldyck member has yet surpassed his capabilities. Despite his age, his strength & combat efficiency are still 100%, so to speak.

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