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Iron Man games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 32-th games. Tony Stark is an intelligent man and rich and is and the head of the Stark Industries, a company that manufactures weapons and bombs. In addition to the suit, Tony has no special powers. And that he did nothing single suit and nobody from the outside can not control. He can fly and has a super-called "repulsor" which can be activated via the boots and gloves. The weapons that and pistols and guns are not i can destroy it. The suit or is always improved that Tony wants to evolve all the time. Iron Man has taken a virus from an experiment which enabled to control the suit only with the power of the mind and to dress up whenever and wherever it was. Then, when it is more experienced, Tony building a superarmura could sat in his body and that on the other, be able to activate anytime and orunde. Iron Man is always proud and selfish sometimes.Come to help him on the Iron Man to become the most popular hero and to make a place near Heroes consecrated as Superman, Batman and others

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