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Jamies Got Tentacles Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 0-th games. Hopystein cute monster comes with several new online games with Jamie's tentacles. The main character is Jamie Blarb is an alien who has as good friend Erwin Walsh. He is also Prince Blarb planet. He is hiding on Earth from Vloks, eating vile aliens foreign princes. In the books, one morning while having breakfast with his parents in the blurb (Blarb), his father King Blurbo III bought a newspaper and learned from the newspaper that Jamie is on the menu in Blarb (Vlok) for King Blarbono of twelve thousand puted birthday as the Blarbus IX. Jamie prepared packing his things, including umbrella dictionary space, sunscreen, ceil and his costume Super Human as did his mother, Blurbina. Jamie says goodbye, then goes to Earth, but he must stop to have something to eat at Galactic Burger, refill his car at the gas station, then finally he landed in the ground, Erwin landed in his yard, located 143 Dessaisons Street, Jolieville Erwin, running in his bedroom reading of his house, he discovered Jamie, then fainted Erwin him. Jamie Erwin became friends, even his family presents Erwin and Jamie will have a better life. In the television series One night, while having dinner with his parents on Blarb, Jamie and his parents intercepted a conversation between General Vlok and his help. They were planning to eat about Jamie. Jamie's parents acted instantly, his mother sewing quickly his human mask. Even though his father said that the Earth is polluted, Mom decided that we should go there because Vloks not be able to breathe there. So after saying goodbye, Jamie went Blarb Earth. He landed in his yard Erwin. Erwin (who was in the bathroom) went out and found Jamie. Jamie tried to pretend he was a man, but Erwin soon learned the secret of Jamie he was too obvious. Erwin and Jamie became friends (as Erwin was completely alone before) and Erwin decided to tell his parents that he was his friend Jamie foreign pen so Jamie could have a place to live in his house Erwin. Play all games added in this category of online games and fun with Jamie, Erwin and their friends.

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