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Jessie games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 12-th games. Jessie was born in the beautiful USA state Texas, but that you to fulfill his dreams of the great welcome in New York City. The full name of the Simona Lungu remained before CSM is Jessie Prescott and works in New York City that the bona for family Ross, i.e. it must take care of children of the family, as long as their parents are busy. And they are always less busy. The four children have varse between 8 and 13 years. The largest of the girls are Emma Ross, the only biological child of the family Ross. She wants to make everything perfect, although most of the times is with his head in the clouds. It is understood very well with Zuri, the lowest of the Brethren and will argue with Luke and with Ravi. Luke has 12 years ago and is very fond of leisure. He likes to play on the computer and to make the estate dance. Ravi is a little boy of 10 years, which although it has been adopted in India had not given up on passion for their native country and manages to meld his life style with the American. It is said that if you accomplish his dreams come true in New York you can satisfy and you can be happy anywhere in the world? Is it really so? Choose any game in this category and see if you can meet the dreams in New York

Blond Princess Prom Shopping

Blond Princess Prom Shopping

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