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Liv And Maddie Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 7-th games. Liv and Maddie are two twin ordinary. Live and spent the last 4 years filming series Sing it loud" In Hollywood, but the shootings ended and returned to the state of her homeworld, Wisconsin. Her sister, Maddie spent his time antrenandu at the sport of her favorite, baschetul. The two twin personalities are totally opposite: Liv is always feminine, arranged and she likes to sing and be actress, Maddie is the exact opposite. His Maddie likes to play basketball, reaching to the performance to play even better than boys capitana is the team of the basketball and the school is about the ruling coalition. Try each game in this category and see who you look most and what career you would fit: the actress and the singer that and Liv, or the sports as Maddie and

A at the dentist

A at the dentist

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