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Mr Bean games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 53-th games. Those who do not know him Mr Bean? It is a figure he knew the world comedy. Amusing to it is that it makes fun of any thing as finely. For example to paint a room put a bomb in the bucket with paint; if forgets to turn the bulb after what he was getting into in bed, take a pisol on his bedside table and shoot the bulb and in the morning had changed; disturb the world of the church desiring to undo a gypsy from the package and many other things like this. Best Friend Mr Bean is none other than Teddy, brown his bear on which it bears after him wherever they go. Come and join Teddy, Mr. Bean and other characters as funny and enter a world different, in a new world, which will show you how simple it seems new life and how difficult it seems for some as Mr. Bean

Jake and the mighty pirates

Jake and the mighty pirates

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