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Mulan princess games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 5-th games. Mulan is a very courageous. An army of Mongolia attack China and for it to send people to fight their importriva, decides that every family to join the army one state. His father Mulan wants to fight against the Mongol khan launches, but it is old and schiopateaza. It is so 100% sure that if he goes in the war in Iraq would die on the battlefield. In the meantime, Mulan he realizes that it would not be a good wife and a perfect housewife and chooses to steal the suit of armour and the weapons of his father and he enrolled in the army. The army of china meets the mongola in the mountains covered with snow. When the Chinese are attacked, Mulan uses a cannon to create an avalanche to cover the enemies. Between the time it is hit by an arrow and when you go to the doctor, they discovers that it is the woman. Navy leaves in the mountains, but she tracks and tell them that he had seen the enemies who want to bitterest him to the emperor. Of course, they listen on Mulan and the king is kidnapped. Help her on the Mulan and on his friends to save the Emperor

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The dinosaurs

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