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Noddy games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 4-th games. Noddy is a doll-boy made of wood, who lives in Toyland. He works as a taxi driver on their own account and likes very much to be allowed to walk with his friends in his taxi colored yellow and red. Best Friend Noddy is Bumpy Dog, a doggy she accompanies him in all adventures. Although Noddy is good at soul, he entered the most always in bulbuc for either that he understands misinterpret what is said to him, either because the sly and Gobbo trying to fool him and most of the times and succeed. He thinks that a child and therefore becomes confusing sometimes. For example, when he wants to build the house, he proposed to build the roof for the first time, in the event that the rain. With time, of course he becomes more wise, but does not lose but the spirit or the child who makes it so special. Come along with the Noddy and his puppy and go together by the most countries adventures

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The Angry Birds typing space

The Angry Birds typing space

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