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OK K.O. games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 0-th games. Play the most beautiful online games with K. O. He is an 8 to 10-year-old boy. He is optimistic, loyal and eager to help anyone. Although he may be naive, he can easily rely on his friends he cares about enormously. Also, K. O. is easily amazed at any heroism or guns, and always seeks advice on how to be a true hero, usually from his mother. Also, K. O. is energetic and much more daring to finish his job than Enid or Rad, as in an episode where he sneaked through a crowd of clientele customers to take a product. In another episode, it is deduced that K. O's personality comes from the absence of his father and his desire to be masculine. It is possible for K. O. to be stronger than his power card indicates because he has easily launched a strong punch in the sky, though he did not have a clue about it. His hero's level is 0. 1. Enid - she is a human teenager working at the Bodega cash desk. She was raised by her supermodel father and spy mother, who forced her to work. She is the most realistic and practical among the employees. Although she is the most responsible of the trio, she has no motivation to help others. She usually hides and leads the others to the cash register. However, she cares much about K. O., believing that his situations are adorable and taking him out of trouble. She even admits that K. O. is the only person who understands it and shows much appreciation. Enid is also an expert in martial arts and worked on the Foot Ball. He uses ninjitsu moves to fight enemies and to help in difficult situations. She also has music and is known as DJ Fireball. Her hero level is 3. Radicles (or shortly Rad) - he is an alien teenager on Planet X, who lays the most out of the trio, although he says he is strong and is great. He has a masculine masculine, although he is the gentle of all superheroes and possesses a more sensitive face that he refuses to admit, so as not to be humiliated. At first he was a weak man who thought his levitation powers were shameful, but he was taught to accept them. It is usually believed to know everything, although it is actually rather unintelligent. Sometimes he tends to take KO, but he really cares about him in the deep and sees him as a younger brother. Rad can also launch finger lasers that can either explode or freeze things. His hero's level is 2. Carol - Widow's mother of K. O. and the owner of a fitness hall in the mall. She is a strong woman and she loves her enormous son and loves him as any mother. Her fitness is usually visited by Ginger, Gladys and Gertie, whom she looks like as colleagues and as her friends. She usually gives her son advice that no mother can give her, although it is not always clear what she wants to convey. She's a good friend with Mr. Gar, but he's not aware of his feelings for her. In an episode it was proven that Carol had the name Silver Spark because of the silver collars he wore. She also has the ability to imitate the powers of any opponent since she was a young man, and she was part of the famous class superhero team, called P. O. I. N. T. But she withdrew after she became pregnant with her son K. O. Her level of hero is 11. Mr. Eugene Gar - mall holder and owner of K. O., Enid and Rad. He always tests the three, giving them a number of tasks. He is strong, serious and proud of the mall, not wanting something to happen to him. But sometimes he did not have anything against his employees lazily, because he considers this 'normal'. He is ashamed when someone praises him or when he is around Carol, to whom he has feelings. In an episode it was shown that the mall was a miniature robot called Plazamo, which as a last act decided to turn into a mall to help other heroes like Mr. Gar. He also helped Rad and Enid to get along better with their job. Like Carol, he was part of the superhero team P. OI I. T., but he also abandoned him for unknown reasons. His hero's level is 10.

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The Princess Sofia 1

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