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Pajanimals Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 4-th games. In this category you can have fun with four animals in pajamas namely, Apollo Sweetpea Sue, the famous cowbell Squacky or broadcast animation Pajanimals Nickjr first time. in January 2008. This animation school children and is about four friendly animals imaginative who share the last moments before bedtime, with various fun activities. Some games added in this category you can help him to fly Apollo space sis oracheta to collect stars, the Squacky to wash in the bath, as long leaps, the cow Cowbelle to build a cart dream, to prepare four pijanimale for the birthday parties or to help the cow Cowbelle to gather a bouquet of flowers for her mother. Join Apollo, Sweetpea Sue, Squacky or cowbell on their adventures and have fun with them. Games can be rated easily tested. Vote games GAMES WITH PIJANIMALELE tested for classification as best in Top 10 games. Pajanimals There are four friendly animals which spend their time singing and traveling through the most lurid lands. Appolo is a puppy green-purple. He is the head of the group and likes very much to look at the sky at night, when the starry e. Squacky is a ratoi hiss and he was dressed in the colors of the yellow and blue. Sweetpea Sue is a stand with pink and orange. Cowbella is a purple cow that she likes very much marriageable princesses, unicorns, and all sorts of things about the little girls. Come along with those four Pajanimals friends and have fun with them.

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Baby Funtime

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