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Paw Patrol games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 0-th games. Paw Patrol is a tv show for kids, whose heroes are involved in important missions to protect the community from Adventure Bay! If you like the Paw Patrol pets, as you probably are, given that it is one of the most popular series on Nick Jr. and across the country ranging from drawings, then surely enjoy very much seeing that a new game has been added to this category game that is called puppy Patrol 5 differences, and is the first game with this specific format, although there were differences added games so far here. We invite you to learn how to play this game in the next part of the description, hoping that even then it and play, and to have some absolutely wonderful time! You have to find five differences between images, obviously you must click when you discover them. In each level, the differences must be found before the time to drain it, so try to be as fast as possible. Also, be very careful not to click where no differences three times, because if that happens, unfortunately you lose the game, and you do not want that, do you? You will have a total of three levels that will have to go through. We provide you wish you success, fun, and hopefully you will like this game much added by us! You can take home the lovely figurines Paw Patrol puppies, pluses, vehicles that turn playset sites and more. Paw Patrol joined the team, along with the 6 puppies brave: Chase, Rocky, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, and Rubble which are led by a boy of 10 years, Ryder. Paw Patrol perfectly combines the skills of problem solving, vehicles cool and cute puppies, so children will be glad to give a helping hand to the patrol. The episode opens with Marshall, Skye, and Rocky enjoying playing some basketball with Mayor Goodway. During one attempt at the ball, Marshall accidentally crashes into Mayor Goodway's arch-rival, Foggy Bottom Mayor Humdinger, who's none too happy at Marshall crashing into him. It is not long before Humdinger's boasting of his basketball team, The Foggy Bottom Boomers, convinces Mayor Goodway into challenging him to a friendly basketball game with Adventure Bay's team, leaving Marshall and Skye to realize that the Mayor may have put herself into another tight spot that she can't talk herself out of. Once Humdinger leaves, once again smug that he'll have a reason to brag in Mayor Goodway's face after she loses, Marshall and Skye remind Mayor Goodway that Adventure Bay has no basketball team to challenge the Boomers with. Panicking, the Mayor has Chickaletta call Ryder at the Lookout. After Ryder answers Chickaletta, and agrees to hold, the Mayor comes on to tell him of the situation, and Ryder assures that the PAW Patrol are on their way to help before summoning the pups. One of most popular online game is the Paw Patrol Save Day. In this game you have to help our heroes in the series from Nickelodeon Paw Patrol to carry out the missions they so save the day. Although it seems do not rush to judgment because the game is quite difficult and you have to give evidence of much skill and agility to fulfill your tasks in each level. You have to be very careful because as you progress you will give higher levels of obstacles that will give you big headaches. For starters will have to get safely to the finish line with a police dog so to gather five badges on the road. You must pay attention to obstacles because if you go into it you will lose your life if life ends will need to start playing from the beginning. With arrows you have to drive your car. Try to collect along the way as many bones as you get points so you could have the chance to enter the top of the best players. Marshall tries to show off another basketball trick, but although he dodges the ball as it ricochets back at him from bouncing off the inside of the elevator, he doesn't dodge when it, somehow, bounces back again and hits him from behind. After the pups laugh at Marshall's joke, to their surprise, the Mayor joins them in the elevator as well. Once topside, the Mayor attempts to do Ryder's job, but soon yields to Ryder as he is the more experienced with briefing the pups, and Ryder passes out orders: Chase will use his police equipment to coach the pups as they practice for the match against the Boomers, and Marshall will use his medical equipment to keep the pups hydrated and treat them for injuries. The Mayor tries to then do Ryder's part with saying "PAW Patrol is on a roll," but once again steps aside to have Ryder do it. As Marshall and Chase head down to their vehicles, the Mayor follows Chase down the slide so he can drive her to the basketball court, even asking Chase to do the siren as well, since she enjoys it. Once at the court, the team does a very good job practicing, but Marshall seems to have a lot of trouble with being in the right place at the right time, or someone else beating him to the ball when he can catch it. Once Mayor Humdinger arrives with his team, five young kids who look to be very skilled themselves, before the match starts, Marshall asks if he can stay on the sidelines to act as trainer since he doesn't believe that he'll be of much help playing on the court. Ryder allows him to do that, and with Cap'n Turbot acting as referee, the game gets underway: The Foggy Bottom Boomers vs. The Adventure Bay All-Stars. Humdinger's players are tough, but the PAW Patrol are able to keep up with them, and soon take the lead, 28-26. That's when Humdinger decides to play dirty, and has one of his players trip Rocky and Zuma. Turbot calls foul, but Rocky and Zuma whimper, indicating they're hurt...Marshall is called in, and after checking his fellow pups out, Rocky has a sprained paw that Marshall wraps in a cast, and Zuma's tail is swollen, so Marshall wraps it in an ice pack, while adding a flea collar so Zuma can't risk scratching or chewing on it. Although Rocky and Zuma will recover, it leaves the All-Stars short one player. With encouragement from Ryder, Mayor Goodway, and the other pups, Marshall agrees to take up the slack. Although Marshall still has some trouble being in the right place at the right time, and every score causing Goodway and Humdinger to become more emotional as a result, like Humdinger snapping his clipboard in two, or Goodway fainting, Ryder passes the ball to Marshall who is able to, in his own way, carry the ball to the ring, and sink it before the final buzzer and whistle, winning the game for Adventure Bay, 44-43. While Ryder, the pups, and the Mayor celebrate Marshall winning the game, Humdinger walks away with his Boomers, fuming at how he lost to a bunch of pups. Afterwards, the pups are all happy, even Marshall, since he was able to overcome his inexperience and clumsiness to help win the game, and be the MVP of it as well, as the episode ends.

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