02 Jan

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Peter Pan Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 5-th games. Peter Pan is a boy who holds magical powers. He can fly and refused to increase. Peter spends his everlasting childhood to be playing with his friends the small island, Neverland, being the leader of the group of Lost Boys. He wears a green tunic, close the waist with a cureluta colanti, green and a green hat with a wedge. To his feet, Peter Pan gate some yellow shoes. It is a child about selfish and braggart. He praise even when it is not his merit. When to his nose on the nose with the danger, Peter is irresponsible, arrogant, opinionated and is not aware of the seriousness of the situation in which they are located. TinkerBell is your best friend of pan. Play all the games in this category and do not forget to vote



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