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PJ Masks Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 0-th games. Hopystien cute monster was thought of PJMASKS fans and created in this category especially for them. The world around us is full of unexplained mysteries and secrets: there are also villains and good guys, but not all incidents can handle the police. The series revolves around three children six years leading relatively normal life by day, where they are neighbors, colleagues and friends. At night, however, they activate their bracelets, which bind their pajamas, turning them into their alternative identity: PJMASKS. After their costumes appear, however they turn into energy beams flying fast toward their base superhero, which they call HQ. They begin in the blue means belonging Catboy if they see PJ image player and can travel up to the red Owlette's where they need to access the Owl-glider or until the green Gekko's wherethey need to have access to -furniture Gekko. Together, they go on adventures, stop killings, defeat villains, solve mysteries, and learn valuable lessons. If the law enforcement forces of magic are obviously requires a different order, endowed with extraordinary abilities. No matter that he must do - shoot and crying cat from a tree or a neighbor girl to save the planet from impending catastrophe - the defenders of peace civilians not give themselves reason for wearing special suits. They not only helps to increase the outcomes of the actions, but also protects against attempts to poke his nose into the affairs of others curious. The correct way - a commitment to inner peace, but to create the necessary funds.Experienced adult characters can afford different styles, and the younger generation should resort to other methods. Fortunately, the three most common boys dropped a chance of a lifetime - received animal charms.It would seem that this could mean suspending, especially as most jewelry are of little girls, but really, the silence of the night there is a mysterious transformation.Each presents a variety of super powers while in costume, and it seems that they have their power when not in costume. Summary description of the positive and negative characters in PJMASKS. Connor or Catboy is a boy with blue eyes, with brown hair. When he turns him wearing a blue suit with cat ears and a tail thin feline. He is the leader of the group. [7] He has super-hearing using cat ears, can jump high and far using Super Cat jump, sprints and quickly using Super Speed Cat, [8], or simply Super Speed. [9] His vehicle is self cat, located in the middle segment of the Tower masks. His bedroom is on the second floor of a house with blue roof blue-doored next to those of Amaya. Amaya or Owlette (voice Addison Holley) is a red-eyed girl with brown hair, wearing glasses and is able to make a Handspring. When she turns her wearing a red suit with cape that can solidify wings. She could see in the dark with Owl Eyes (or Super Owl Eyes) and fly using Super Owl Wings, which she can use also to launch gusts of air to send opponents flying back, which she Owl Wing called wind. Owl-Glider her vehicle is housed in its segment PJ masks top of the tower. her bedroom is on the third floor of a house with red roof red-doored walled courtyard between Connor and Greg homes. Greg and Gekko is a blond-haired boy with green eyes who is able to do side splits. He is the youngest member of masks. When he turns wearing a green suit with a thick reptilian tail, wings above his head and cupping his hands. He can use Super Gekko camouflage to change colors and blend in with its surroundings, muscles Super Gekko to lift heavy things, Super Lizard Grip to climb walls or anchor to stop the vehicle, and Super Lizard Water Run to go on water. He exposed enough power to lift Romeo giant mobile laboratory from the ground to the top. segment is the lower level of the tower, which stores Gekko-Mobile, a submersible vehicle that can travel under water and also through land-speed tank, which is slower than Cat-Car. It has abilities similar to it, with a "Gekko-Mobile Camouflage", allowing it to blend with the surroundings, and treads its can adhere to walls, allowing him to lead the villains and go over roof-tops. His bedroom is on the second floor of a house green-doored green roof next to those of Amaya. nighttime villains Firefly Firefly planned was a villain who never did the current series. In accordance with the concept stage, Firefly has a black suit and pink spiky hair. Her outfit is also bright aqua lines and rear wings. Romeo is an inventor who comes with a variety of mobile devices from his laboratory with his inventions. It has a favorite robot, the La-Boggin, and his Track-A-SEGA. Night Ninja (vocals Trek Buccino) controls a bunch of creatures called Ninjalinos. He teamed with Romeo to shrink PJMASKS in "Catboy and Shrinker." Moon Girl flies on a device called the Council of the moon and can telekinetically control everything around them using its device magnet month. This included once a giant Moon-Ball, which could steal items and devour her enemies. It helped once PJMASKS. Try all the games in this category and vote for the best. Do not forget to distribute them to your friends and compete to score.

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