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Redakai Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 4-th games. Two masters named Redakai Lokar and have fought to get into possession of a forms of energy called Kairu. All the energy and the way it has been collected and placed in a vessel which has got into the hands of Redakai. This is the attack and will break the vessel, and the energy disperse in all the universe. The tribesmen Redakai Lokar and are trying hard to readune energy. The only difference is that one wishes to make use of it in a good purpose, on when the other wishes to make use of it in a manner. Ky, a teenager only 15 years wants to fight the good and in the end to become the most great warrior who possess the Kairu, a Redakai. Come along with the Ky and his friends and help them to find all the energy Kairu

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Magic cube of intelligence

Magic cube of intelligence

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