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Special Agent Oso games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 2-th games. This category of free online games is inspired from animated serial Special Agent Oso. Each episode begins on disney junior channel with Special Agent Oso in the midst of a training exercise, which he usually fails. Invariably, during the exercise, a child is confronted with a simple task he or she does not have the skill to complete, which a "Shutterbug" drone notices. Oso is always assigned to the case, and his Paw Pilot, along with the unseen Mr. Dos, illustrate his client's plight and assign him a mission to help the child complete the task. To do so, the Paw Pilot provides Oso with "three special steps," a simplified step-by-step guide to completing the task. Oso is transported to the child's location and attempts to follow the steps; as the three special steps are, in and of themselves, usually too vague to complete the task properly, the Paw Pilot also gives further elaborations, including at least one helpful trick. The Paw Pilot can sense the time limit on the task and begins counting down when the time limit is near; Oso and the child usually complete the task just as time runs out. Returning from the assignment, the helpful trick given during the assignment always turns out to be the same trick Oso needed to complete the interrupted training exercise, which he likewise completes and passes.

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