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Subway Surfears Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 6-th games. In this category exciting games with famous characters from Subway Surfers game is action game with many updates presented by Kiloo & SYBO and platforms available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The player takes control of a teenager who vandalize a subway train, and you have to escape the underground contrololul and his dog. Sun t versions of the game in which the player must escape the policeman who pursues. Since 2012 were launched more watered sites on "World Tour" which includes cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Paris, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, New York, Rio, Seoul, Bangkok, Beijing, Los Angeles. Also were launched and updates Halloween and Christmas. Pesonajele that can be found in this game and updates sle are Yutani, Jake, Tricky, Spike, Lucy, Prince K, Brody, Tasha, Fresh, Frizzy, Ninja, King, Tagbot and Zoe (Zombie Jake, Tricky Elf, Tony, Carmen, Roberto, Nick, Kim, Harumi, Coco, Sun, Alex, Eddy, Jamie, Jay, Mina, Rosa, Olivia, Edison, Wayne Noon). Pesonajele in brackets can be purchased, and all others will be unlocked depending on how to advance in the game. The main objective is to run long distances as large, randomly generated by avoiding the obstacles. Jucaturul must be very carefully and with a very good dexteritatre avoid these obstacles.

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