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Superman games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 15-th games. Superman was born on the planet Krypton having earthly parents. The earthly name is Clark Kent and when does the superhero, write articles in the newspaper in his town. Thanks to possessing various powers, Superman Metropolis which takes that the city of the United States to be protected from any harm. Superman has many interesting marceau has even more robust than a bulldozer. Force can stop its hands large and harmful objects. With eyes and rays, melts Superman objects. Of course, Superman has many other powers that invite you to discover together, only on our site, kidz-games.com. In each game you find something new about your favorite hero, so try all games in this category. Superman is a very influential among children. It has a lot of anger among which and the fact that can be used by the X-rays to melt the things and also can be moved into the air rapidly. Show him that you anger and that you can pass all the enemies! Remember to vote each game so thanking her to Superman! Superman is even super! This is exactly why I made a special category on our site kidz-games.com. He was born on the planet Krypton, but he was back on our planet to defend the people of evil forces of the universe. In his leisure time he works as a journalist at a newspaper and was signing the Articles under the name of Clark Kent. Superman appear Metropolis city in the United States of America. He has so much force that can stop only with his hands a huge missile, may to buy things with the x-ray beam and is able to fly on very long distances. He uses all of these powers to help humanity and to fight with the forces of the evil. Join the aid and his sons and you a small Superman!

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Dress Miss

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