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Surgery Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 32-th games. In this category are games that have the added theme of hospitals and medical practices within an ambulance. In these locations usually be undertaken resuscitation maneuvers or measures taken Cleaning and dressing the wounds of the characters in the game. If the dentist games you can proceed through the steps of cleaning and filling of teeth affected by sweets. For all types of games you will have access to tools and accessories that you will need to use them in turn to finish the game. Other types such as those in which you can lead a full and urgent reception hall can coordinate patient care. For those who want a more difficult challenge, can try to perform difficult surgeries. Some of the games in this collection you will learn how to behave in case of accident and how you give first aid to victims. Playing these games you will have fun and learn at the same time. Assimilated medical knowledge will be of great value in everyday life. In general these jucuri will require using the mouse to execute operations indicated by an arrow.Every child wants to become a man with a career and being a doctor impresinanta offers many sadisfacti especially important when operated succeed as a doctor, well in this game you can learn to do surgery who Decarie and more complicated any cut you do must be done as carefully as any small mistake can cost human lives every opertie that you do you need more Stens and these tools will have to be very careful and each surgery you do not make no mistake? It is not at all easy to be on the order of a physician. You need many years of school that you can practice. The physician is one of the oldest in the world. A physician must always observe to heal patients and to do some good. We put our full confidence in you so that you may be able to do well all patients. Enter on as many games in this category and see which you like most. We have games with dentists, with operations and many others. Do not forget to vote for all the games you love and to give them 5 stars if you enjoy and 1 if you like. We hope you to the plate all the games in this category and had to try and other games of other categories

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