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Tangled games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 21-th games. Kidz must know about this little princess who named Rapunzel. This is a sheltered girl who lives in a lone tower hidden in the forest, with her "mother," Gothel. She is not allowed to leave because Gothel tells her it is a dangerous world out there. What Rapunzel does not know is that Gothel has been selfishly keeping her prisoner, to exploit her long magical hair that has restorative powers, that keeps Gothel looking young. She kidnapped the princess from her parents when she was a little baby, and has been with her since. Rapunzel obeys Gothel and leads a lonely life, with only her pet Picaso is a chameleon as a constant friend. She dreams of going to see the floating lights that appear every year on her birthday. It is almost her 18th birthday, and a man climbs up to the tower seeking refuge. He's Flynn Rider, a thief being chased by the king's guards for stealing a tiara. Rapunzel hits him on the head and ties him up and hides him. She wants to prove to Gothel that she is capable of caring for herself, and asks Gothel if she can leave and see the lights. Gothel turns her down. Very disappointed, Rapunzel keeps Flynn a secret, and sends Gothel off on a trip. Rapunzel asks Flynn to guide her to the lights in exchange for the tiara, which she hid in the tower. Flynn reluctantly accepts and the two leave the tower and head to the forest. Flynn discourages her to go see the lights, and tries to scare her with a trip to an inn full of reckless thugs. Instead the thugs end up liking her, so the deal is still on. The guards catch up to Flynn so he and Rapunzel escape through a tunnel to an old mill site. Flynn is injured, and Rapunzel heals him. Meanwhile, When Gothel learns of Rapunzel's absence and finds the tiara, she sets out for her. She hires two thugs who want revenge on Flynn and promises his capture. When Gothel sees Rapunzel she tells her that Flynn only wants the tiara and not her-- they should go back to the tower. Rapunzel doesn't believe her. In the kingdom, the lights are released and Rapunzel and Flynn watch from the lake. Later Flynn is rendered unconscious by the thugs and is tied to a boat and sent to the castle guards. Gothel convinces Rapunzel that Flynn is running away with the tiara. But then, with the floating lights, and the sun emblem from her memory, she puts together that she is the long lost princess. Gothel drags her forcefully back to the tower. Flynn is imprisoned in the castle but is broken out by the thugs from the inn. He goes to the tower but is stabbed by Gothel. Rapunzel cuts her hair and Gothel starts aging rapidly and is so horrified by herself she falls out the window. With her hair gone, all looks lost with Flynn, until a tear is shed on him, and he wakes up. Rapunzel and Flynn go back to the kingdom where she is reunited with her parents. But as for Disney, Tangled is radically changed from the Rapunzel story. The Prince has become a lowly thief, Rapunzel has hair with magic powers, and an evil witch has kidnapped her for personal gain (stealing her hair). Plus a talking horse... As with many Disney stories, their current narrative is that woman are the driving force behind their own destiny and the forces of oppression are challenges to overcome, not authorities to be obeyed slavishly. Men are allies, not saviors. And taking risks leads to winning in the world. The idea that they use the narrative structures or plot outlines of existing stories is not at all surprising. Re-purposing historical works is a very long tradition in literature and other arts. The movie begins with Flynn Rider narrating, explaining how hundreds of years ago, a single drop of sunlight fell to Earth and bloomed into a magical golden flower. The flower is found by an old woman named Mother Gothel, who sings the song "Healing Incantation" to it, causing it to restore her youth and beauty. In this way she lives for hundreds of years, keeping the flower hidden and never sharing it with anyone. Flynn goes on to tell how the king and queen of the land were expecting a child, but the queen became very sick, and the king sent out his people to search for the legendary golden flower, which was rumored to possess powerful powers that had the ability to heal. Gothel soon realizes what they are looking for, and hides the flower under a false shrubbery, as she is unwilling to share it with anyone. However, Gothel knocks the shrub away by accident when fleeing, causing the flower's glow to be visible in the darkness. The king's guards uproot the flower and bring it back to the palace, where it is fed to the queen, who survives and gives birth to a daughter, princess Rapunzel. The little princess is born with beautiful golden hair that glows with the magic of the flower. In honor of her birth, the king and queen release a floating lantern into the sky. That night, an already-aging Gothel sneaks into the palace and cuts a piece of Rapunzel's hair to use instead of the flower. Though when she cuts it, the lock of hair turns dark brown. Gothel realizes that cutting Rapunzel's hair causes it to lose its power, and so she kidnaps the princess, escaping out the window with her. Flynn's narration explains that she locked her away in a hidden tower and raised her as her own child, having Rapunzel sing the healing song to restore Gothel's youth. Every year afterward, on the princess' birthday, the kingdom would release hundreds of flying lanterns as a symbol of hope that the lost princess would return to them. Now playing the latest games with Rapunzel, only on the site, kidz-games.com. The games of the category "Games with Rapunzel" will tell you test the nimbleness, skill, attention and many other skills and capabilities. The name of the Rapunzel comes from a variety of flower very beautiful which has its name in the Latin Campanula rapunculus. A witch, Dames Gother take the Rapunzel and an increase as her daughter, but when reaches the twelve years, a close within a tower very high, in the middle of the forest. One day, a print passes through the woods and a hears Rapunzel singing. In the end, the prince saves on Rapunzel and live happy, up to batraneti deep. Come and join to the prince and help him to save as quickly as Rapunzel.

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