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Teen Titans Games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 31-th games. Category contains online games only wtih characters from Teen Titans probably best loved by many children from around of world. Everybody knows that when problems arise, we will call the action're superheroes. Location where they can be found is in the headquarters in Tower Titans These five children superhero fights aliens and other criminals who want to harm humanity. Teen Titans GO! Meet the five members of the team of superheroes: their leader is Robin, who is best able to lead the team of heroes; Princess StarFire, which comes from the planet Tamaran; half-man half robot named Cyborg is a valuable good at modern technology and powerful; Raven, a stoic girl in Azarath parallel world, who rely on dark energy and psionic abilities; and Beast Boy, who can transform into various animals. These super heroes live together in Titans Tower, which is T-shaped and which is also a command center and equiped with different training facilities, located on an island near the West Coast town of Salt. The team deals with all kinds of criminal activities and threats to the city, while defending their own problems of adolescence and friendship issues. Slade, their main enemy, is a newly designed version of the villain Deathstroke DC. The team meets several allies throughout the series; Aqualad including the first season; Terra in the second season, and Speedy, Hotspot, wildebeest, and Masy Menos Bumblebee in the third season, and many other heroes adapt the DC universe, in its fifth season to help in the fight against the evil Brotherhood. Robin wants to learn all about the art of leadership from none other than Batman. Possess extraordinary speed and agility in battle, but never loses its sense of fun and friendship towards other Titans. Raven estre most mysterious member of the Teen Titans, it has powers you scary a mystical presence. Its dark past that and try to forget it always is haunted by terrifying visions of the future. Cyborg, good at technology and is half man, half robot, Cyborg has incredible power and a bunch of devices within its protective armor, as we find, in fact, a very sensible. Starfire is a princess from another world, and still has much to learn about planet Earth and habits here. Starfire can fly and splash green lightning from his hands. Beast Boy pretty fair to talk fast and very insecure, and can do any good to laugh. Having the ability to morph into any kind of animal that it wants this change of the shape can adapt to any danger which feed the Titans. Search and rate online games added in this category.

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