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Transformers games Hopystein cute monster created on . In this category have been added so far a total of 30-th games. Transformers are some robots that living on a distant planet called Cyberton. They came on our planet to seek the energy. They seek to always energy, they find only in places called Energoni. Energonii are looking for and by the group of robots heaven, appointed Decepticoni. These sources of energy is the issue of the war between the two sides. Autobotii which are led by Optimus Prime will to defend and to protect our planet, while Megatron with Decepticonii are able to destroy the Earth for Energoni. Help him on the Optimus Prime to keep our planet beautiful and clean, without Decepticoni. Remember to vote the games you love. In this category you can find plenty of games that you will test all your skills.Cyberton is the planet was devastated of robots who are appointed transformers. They are constantly searching for energy on our planet on which they can take only from sources called Energon. Energonii are looking for all the robots, this being a source of war between them. There are two groups of robots: the best:autobotii, who want to help the universe, and the wicked: Deceepticonii, who want to destroy the universe. Help him on the Optimus Prime, head Autobotilor to fight, and to defeat Megatron, head Decepticonilor.

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